Sunday, December 9, 2012

Celebrating Baby Kirk

Last Sunday, we celebrated the impending arrival of Baby Kirk,
son of bestie, Mrs. Carroll, otherwise known as "Mommy-to-Be" heretofore.

There were gorgeous flower arrangements.

Delicious-in-my-belly theme cookies.

And fabulous friends afoot.

Sister, Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Season, Mommy-to-Be, Yours Truly

Mommy-to-Be and Her Sweet Mother

Baby Kirk received several cutie patootie things...

Mrs. Searson and I liked to toss out some new adjectives for the clothes...
such as, "Fashion Forward!"
"So Chic!"

It's always nice to have the Mommy-to-Be in stitches from pregnancy laughter.
In front of a crowd.

Some of my favorite ladies, Sister and Mrs. Wise, holding down the "useful present" brigade with Yours Truly.

No words needed.  
This is obviously the best gift received.
Comfy, pink, pajama pants for the Mommy-to-Be.
If you're missing them... 
I may have them on right now.
I love a good pajama pant. 

Speaking of useful, and generally not-so-cute gifts...
the baby's bathtub with things like diapers, wipers, lotion, baby wash, Desitin, etc.
From yours truly.

Don't judge me too harshly.
You can't recover from a Code Brown situation without it.

Sweet Shower Hostesses!

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