Thursday, February 23, 2012


H and I have been doing a little Babypalooza this week!

On Tuesday, we traveled down to Tuscaloosa to meet Miss Mary-Miller, who was born Monday night, to one of my best friends, Mrs. Baker. 

I know two very smitten parents....

.... of a beautiful baby girl!

H was a bit fussy, so he wouldn't let any other babies near his Mama. 
So we tried again the next day... and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her!

We ventured back to B'ham, where we took our new friend, Baby Will, some dinner to his Mama, Mrs. Shepherd. 

Baby Will spent some time in the NICU when I visited his Mama before, but this time I got plenty of snuggles in!

H was a total sport about the whole thing, and crawled around Mrs. Shepherd's living room, baby-proofing for her as he got into everything. 

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