Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Months Old

Dear Harrison,

You are 10 Months Old!  This past month, you have matured so much, it's crazy.

Other than Pork Chop, Love Bug, Monkey, and Buddha Baby... a new nickname is Jabber Jaws.  Because you are chatting us up nonstop. 

You are in Sizes 9 Month and 9-12 Month clothing and Size 4 diapers.

You are eating three meals a day, with two snacks in between!  You have recently discovered Gerber Puffs, and you cannot get enough of them.  You are still on Mommy Milk, and take your feedings about 3-4 times a day.  We've also starting supplementing Cow's Milk, little by little... and you LOVE it. 

Likes include clapping your hands, throwing your toys around to watch us pick them up, watching your Mickey Mouse & Little Einsteins, and bath time.  You're also very smitten with all things technology-related, like the TV remote and iPhones. 

You're also starting to mimic us better and just recently picked up shaking your head... I'm assuming it's from me saying "No, Harrison" while shaking my head. 

You are everywhere
You turn your head for one minute, and you're either gone or up to something. 
Completely fearless. 

You're also walking with the help of your Vtech Walker. 
It's a little shaky, but adorable, all the same. 

As mentioned previously, we're trying to "Ferberize" you this month.
This had led to some pretty late nights and tired days for me and you, kiddo.
Lucky for you, you've got one stubborn mommy.
Not so lucky for me, I think you've inherited my stubborn streak. 

You are also obsessed with Cooper and Abby.
You want to touch them all the time, and (gasp) pull their fur.
So far, they're being pretty good sports with you.
I can already see an alliance forming between you and Cooper.
Anyday now you'll be throwing food on the floor for him, I just know it.

Love you Bug!

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