Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eight Months

Dear Harrison,

You are 8 months old! 

You weigh 17 pounds and are 27 1/4 inches in length.  Tall and skinny, just like Daddy. 

You are officially in Size 9 month and some 6-9 month clothing.  And, just recently, some 6-12 month clothing.  Sob.  You are still in Size 3 diapers.

We've upped your eatings to 3 times per day - you love oatmeal in the mornings, yogurt as an afternoon snack, and a fruit or veggie for dinner.  Usually banana, because that is your absolute favorite, and you slurp it down.  You're also still on Mommy Milk. 

We have officially entered the "wiggle worm" stage.  You cannot be still for anything!  Changing your diaper is like watching a wrestling match sometimes between me and you.  I'm on your side buddy!  Let me put clean britches on you! And good gracious, you're strong!

You can sit up very nicely and independently now, and can slither down from sitting up to your belly, where you are doing the most hiliarious "crawl" I've ever seen.  Booty up, head down slither, is more like it.  But you get from Point A to Point B, and that's all the matters. 

You are still obsessed with Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse, and the Little Einsteins.  You love your Ella Elephant lovie the most, and you are fascinated by the tags on your toys.  You like to meticulously find the tags, examine them, and then suck on them.  To each their own. 

Someone has also developed a wee bit of a temper with a strong stubborn streak.  This is ALL from your father's side, of course.  All of it.  You are learning to throw a temper tantrum when we say "No" and take something away.  You've got a great set of lungs, my child. 

Sometimes when you get so distraught, we go to your happy place...the bath tub.  And we sit in there and play, play, play.  And I get soaked from head to toe. 



You love to "blow raspberries."  All day long. 

You're also loving finding and playing with your feet.

And you dissolve into sweet baby giggles when we fly you around the room. 

You've also developed some ticklish spots, and giggly hysterically when we count your ribs and squeeze your chunky thighs.

Quite honestly, it's the best sound I've ever heard. 

We love you H-Man!

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