Monday, November 7, 2011

Number Crunching

Last week I saw an old friend/co-worker who inquired about H's transition to food.  As I started to tell her about making the homemade baby food, she stopped me with a "Oh - you're totally that mom now."

At the risk of getting eye rolls from all of you... yeah, I am. 

But... hear me out. 

Yes, I've been making H's baby food for the past 2-3 weeks, but the nerd in me crunched the numbers, and here's what I've got to show all you frugalistas, ok?  (Plus, did you know some of that baby food can stay on your shelf for up to 3 years?  Think about that.)

So, H has been eating about 2 helpings of baby food per day now.  Sometimes I slide in a third helping, but he's still on a Mommy Milk diet - the baby food is just a happy addition to his diet.

As stated before, I do the grocery shopping for our familia in 2 week spans, so this is based on a 2-week project timeline.

Commercial Baby Food
2 jars of Baby Food @ $1.30 per Day = $2.60
$2.60 X 14 Days = $36.40
That's about $72.80/month.
I'm not adding in tax here... use your imagination.

Homemade Baby Food
2.37  pounds of bananas = $1.64
3.52 pounds of sweet potatoes = $3.48
Plus, I picked up a box of Baby Oatmeal for $3.69 (you make it with Mommy Milk)
And some Baby Yogurt (he loves it!) for $5.00
That's $13.81 for 14 Days.
And will be about $27 for November.

Last time I checked, those numbers added up in my favor with over $40 saved.

Plus, it's really easy.  And you can freeze it. 

As a friend would say... knock me over with a feather.

I'm sold. 


  1. Hey Christina, what recipes are you using to make baby food? Are you making it up as you go or following something? Also, how are you storing it? I didn't make it for Charlotte but am actually interested in it for James so I thought I'd see how you're doing it. Thanks!

  2. Hey-- I'm a friend of Elizabeth Snodgrass-- we made our own baby food and it was SO easy. And SO cheap. I still used store bought baby food if I was in a pinch and kept some in my diaper bag "just in case."

    I never used a "cookbook" or recipe, just bought a bunch of veggies & fruit and tossed in the Beaba food cooker. Don't underestimate the frozen veggie aisle. They are so easy to find, cook, and store.

    If something comes out of the freezer and it is too runny, add some rice cereal to thicken it. Works like a champ.

    Oh, and ask friends/family members to hang on to their baby food jars. Wash and reuse! They are the perfect portion!

    Cooking your own baby food is so much fun! Good luck!