Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Code Brown, Part Deux

So, with the introduction of foods has come very interesting developments with H... in the bowel region. 

My normal "let's go #2 once a week breastfed baby" now likes to go about 37 times a day.

I may or may not be exaggerating - I like to keep you guessing mid-week.

Recently these new developments led to a very fun Code Brown Situation in public.

As I waited in line at Savages - a scrumptious bakery here in B'ham - with H in my arms, I noticed lots of people looking at him.  Of course, being the proud mommy that I am, thought "Oh, look, they think my baby is so cute and precious. That must be why we're garnering so many looks." 

Then I smelled it.  And crossed my fingers that the bakery scent would cover it until we departed.

Getting back to the car (whilst balancing some boxes of calorie-free goods) and putting H in his car seat, I saw the path of destruction.



Exploding out of his cute smocked outfit, down both his legs, across my waist, smears down both my arms...

Did I mention I was wearing a white cardigan? 

It gets worse.

Since I had about 2 baby wipes left in the diaper bag that day, I used them on Precious Babe and rode home covered in the Poo. 

With the heat on. 

Imagine that smell.

Should I tell you there was smear on my face when I checked the rear view mirror? 
Does that make you laugh harder?

Happy Wednesday.

Love, First Time Mommy

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