Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart


What a year.

A year filled with enough ups and downs to last a lifetime.

But.. with everything, I give thanks with a grateful heart.

For my Harrison. 
The precious gift of my Harrison, who has opened and expanded my little heart more than I ever thought imaginable.

For Mr. Smith, for being the husband and father I knew he would be and will be. 
(Even if it's deer season.)

For my parents, as they survived their house crashing in around them on April 27. 
For their lives being spared. 
For their constant positive outlook even as their world was literally shaken upside down.
For their love of H.

For family and friends who rushed to the scene, helping them save as much as possible of my childhood memories.

For my Brother, who keeps me in stitches yet keeps me in check.

For Sister I and Sister II, for being the best sisters-in-law a gal could ask for.

For my In-Laws, who treat me as their own Daughter.
For their love and devotion to H and his well-being.

For friends, who keep me laughing, keep me grounded, and keep me sane.

For a roof over my head as I type this, as so many do not have one.

For food on my plate, as so many do not have the means to provide for themselves nor their families.

For the clothes on my back, even as I complain about them not ever fitting right again or that they are not "in style"... that I realize that others simply want to warm themselves this winter.

For my job and co-workers, that they have blessed me with the opportunity to work from home and rush to love on Harrison when we do go to the office. 

And... for my Heavenly Father, who continues to love me unconditionally, listen to me constantly, and encourages me every day with a
"Okay, Christina.  Let's try it again today.
Love me.
Love others.
That's all I ask for."

Yes, Lord. 
I am thankful. 
With a grateful heart, I am thankful.

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