Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two Months Old!

Dear Harrison,

You are 2 months old!  Where does the time go?

You had your pediatrician's visit yesterday, so we didn't snap a snazzy growth picture since you were feeling sort of puny from your FOUR shots in your innocent little thighs.  Those dang vaccines!

You now weigh 11 pounds, 3.5. ounces.  You are such a cute chunky monkey!

You are in Size 0-3 clothing and Size 1 diapers. However, you love Naked Baby time.  I have to admit your ever-expanding rolls are the cutest thing ever...

Your favorite hobbies are eating - still at least every 2 hours - and you take a bottle a lot easier now. 

You also love your Little Lamb swing, but only if you're wide awake when we put you in it.  If you feel like we're sitting you in it to get some housework done or dinner fixed, forget it. 

You've just discovered your play mat, and it's been a big hit, particularly the black & white rattle. 

You are at your happiest in the morning and sometimes in the evening.  You have just begun to smile, coo, and giggle back at us, which we think is the best thing since sliced bread.  You already have such a personality!

You do not like bedtime, however.  Once 10pm rolls around, you are a totally different baby.  You cry and are a tad fussy trying to get ready for bed.  I'm assuming it's because you know you will not be getting as much attention during the night.  You have just decreased to one feeding - usually around 3am - at night, which Mommy likes a lot.  However, I'm sure that now that I've typed this for all to read, it will change tonight and you'll go back to your old feeding habits.  ;) 

We love ya little Pork Chop!

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