Monday, June 13, 2011

Mommy versus...

Things I didn't know would be an arch nemesis until Doodle Bug made his appearance:

Mommy versus...

... the "gassies."  Yes, I have ridiculous baby names for stuff now.  But the gassies?  A mother's #1 enemy.  We hate them, and when H gets them, it's pitiful.  I know it's so painful, and thank the Lord for Infant Mylicon drops and Gripe Water (thanks Kathryn!).  The gassies are no friend to anyone, especially the precious babe.

.... baby boogies.  Yes, another ridiculous baby name.  The baby boogies are impossible to get rid of.  You can't exactly tell your almost 2-month-old to blow into a tissue.  And the boogies mock me within his little nostrils, and that dang turquoise bulb that we janked from the hospital is huge compared to his baby nose.  The boogies and I go round and round almost every morning now. 

... formula.  Yes, sometimes we give H a formula bottle at night to fill up his belly right before bed.  Yes, I understand it might be a little cheating from the breast feeding, but it lets him sleep an extra hour.  Read:  lets mommy sleep an extra hour until the 1-2am feeding.  However, the face he makes when giving him the formula bottle is priceless.  And the ladies deserve a break sometimes. 

... changing H's clothes.  I dread it, even though I love to put him into one of the precious outfits people gave us.  If it were up to me, he'd be "Naked Baby" (a common occurence in our house, unless we have guests) all the time.  Maybe it's because his little tummy and rolls are just so cute.  I digress.  Those onesies are getting a bit easier, but I'm still paranoid about those little fingers getting caught!

... time.  I have an almost 2-month-old?  Where did the time go?  I start back to work this week, and I'll admit.... I've gotten choked up about it once.  I think it was just one of those days where everybody I ran into asked "Are you going to be able to stay home with him?  Oh no?  You're going back to work?"  And then... the face was made.  You know the face, working moms.  The one that makes the hair on the back of your neck bristle?  No?  That's just me? 


  1. Try Q-tips for those baby boogies. He'll scream like crazy, I'm sure, but you can actually get the gunk out quickly and be done with it.

  2. Hey Christina! I haven't checked your blog in awhile, but I love it! Brad actually bought the Baby Boogie wipes (they have saline in them) and they are great. I sort of stick a corner in and it helps! I went back to work after 8 weeks too, you can do it!!! Although it helped that we had various family members stay for three weeks before he started daycare. I get that face sometimes too. I honestly think he may be more stimulated at school because he and I would be watching E! news all day long....:)