Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Lovin' It

I have a life, I swear, other than preparing for the precious babe's arrival. 

Here's a list of Top Five Things I'm Lovin' Right Now...

Meet Russell Brand. 
This guy formerly got on my nerves, now I find myself giggling hysterically at him.  Mr. Smith and I desperately want to be his friend.  He's a nut, that's for sure, but I'm fascinated by him.  Utterly and completely fascinated.
His books might just be my next purchase on the Kindle. 

Our new oscillating fan.  Just purchased today, after record high temps in Bama. 
After two unsuccessful nights of sweaty sleep, I felt this was a necessary purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
With a 20% off coupon, of course. 

Mr. Smith and I saw this movie Friday night at the neighborhood dollar theater with Brother and Miss Stallings.
The soundtrack alone is worth it. 
When "Straight out of Compton" blasted on, I almost died.  Of sheer bliss.
And the Barry character is hilarious.  Don't we all know a Barry? 

Ice Cream.
Mint chocolate chip.
The Oreo McFlurry that Sister surprised me with yesterday. 
Bring it. 
I'll eat it. 

This is my BFF, Bethenny.
Maybe you've heard of her?
She keeps it real, every Monday night on Bravo. 

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