Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's Shakin?

Yeah......... so we've been MIA lately.  Sorry folks.  With a weekend at home, the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer.  I spent much of the weekend relaxing and recuperating from the Deadly Sinuses, but Friday night took my Mom for a little treat:

It was funny, entertaining, and girly.  Just what the doctor ordered. 

The weekend rallied on without me, but for awhile it looked like my beloved Crimson Tide was under the weather as well. 

Seriously could not even watch the game. 

DVR'ed it, went back, watched our victory later. 

What happened the rest of the weekend?  Hmmm... Mr. Smith cleaned out his closets. 

Without any wifely assistance.  (Well maybe a little...)

Write that moment down in history. 

Lugged out 7 garbage bags full of clothes and shoes this morning for a Hannah Home pick-up.

Last night Mr. Smith and I had a little something different for dinner:
Fingers of Fire, Fries, and Celery. 

No, we weren't at Buffalo Phil's in T-Town  (however, that does sound mighty tasty right now....)

Go buy you some chicken tenders and cook them like usual. 

Once they've cooled a little, pop those bad boys into a freezer Ziploc bag with some wing sauce, CLOSE the bag, and then mix away. 

Delicious with Ranch dressing. 

There are no pictures, because we inhaled them as soon as they hit the plate. 

These also make delicious (guy-lovin') appetizers for those football parties. 

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