Friday, September 24, 2010

The Return of Glorious Television (amongst other things)...

Ahhh..... nothing makes the Smith's happier than getting back into a routine, particularly with our favorite TV shows.  I'm sure you all have your favs as well!  It was such as welcome return as the premieres of such beloved shows as Glee and Modern Family came bouncing back on our screen.  Even some new ones we've yet to try out on the DVR! 

Don't worry, we didn't spend all week as couch potatoes.  Even though I'm dealing with some nasty sinus issues (TMI?) we managed to do some other things, like:

Celebrating these crazy kids' birthdays at Tavern on the Summit. 

Happy Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Carroll!

With a Cookie Cake, no less. 

Lesson Learned:  This is what your Cookie Cake will look like if you try to have it made 10 minutes before your dinner reservation. 

However, it still tasted delicious-in-my-belly.

Both slices. 

Celebrated the finale of our Cash Bandits Campaign for Children's Hospital at the "Bandit Bash" Wednesday night.

There's me (in the black & white) accepting our First Place Fundraising Prize from Children's Miracle Network with a few of my co-workers. 

Have you been listening to Magic 96.5 FM?  You probably heard me on it a few times yesterday and today, challenging our area to give to this great cause. 

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