Monday, September 20, 2010

Mission: Accomplished.

I did it.  I did all of it.  And then some.  All weekend goals can be officially checked off!  Even though Mr. Smith scampered off for some male-bonding time dove hunting on Saturday, I was a busy little bee. 

Alas, it's Monday, and I'm a bit pooped.  Ever feel like the weekends are more work than play?  Ironically, that's what Dr. Turner said yesterday in her sermon "Remembering the Sabbath."  Ahem.  Message received. 

Have y'all ever heard of Vulcan AfterTunes?  It's a fun, family-friendly event at Vulcan Park on Sunday afternoon's.  There's two more in the concert series: October 3rd and October 17th.  Work is a community sponsor, and Mr. Smith graciously helped me pass out water bottles to concert goers yesterday in the blazing heat.  Seriously... where is Fall? 

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