Thursday, July 29, 2010


If you've been my friend for any amount of time, you know my devotion to the beloved television show, "Friends." Seriously, I will dominate in "Friends" Trivia Pursuit. It's a show I can watch - without fail - over and over again. I'm a lucky gal to be working with some tried-and-true Friends fans, as well! Yesterday afternoon at work, I had the pleasure of reminiscing favorite Friends memories with a couple of co-workers.

My absolute favorite, is the "PIVOT!" scene with Ross, Rachel, and Chandler. Tears will stream every time I watch it in sheer giggles. It also serves as a funny momento to every time my dear Dad has moved me in and out of apartments, sorority houses, etc. when we move a couch together. Yes, like Monica I'm freakishly strong (and quirky & OCD, among other things), but at some point whenever we're moving together, my Dad and I will yell out "Pivot!" to each other and then collaspe with laughter. Oh Dad, thanks for always being such a good sport when moving me.

Watch and enjoy, my friends.

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