Friday, July 30, 2010

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

So tonight I'm super pumped to be eating dinner with three lovely ladies: Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Dean, and Mrs. Bates, whom I've been pals with since we were little.  We make a point to get together twice a year for these "Catch-Up" dinners: in the summer and around the holidays. 

It's funny how we're all so very different, but alike, especially when we all get together.  All kinds of time can go by, but when we get together it's literally like we're all 15-years-old again, sitting at our corner booth at the Dairy Queen, gossiping and chatting about boys.  :)  (And yes, the Cullman Dairy Queen is the best DQ in the entire world.) 

We four gals have been around for both the good times and the bad times, and their company always gives me lots of laughs and similar musings on getting older.  I can't believe tonight we'll start planning our 10 Year Class Reunion... which means we are really getting on up there in the age department.  Mrs. Dean was our Class President (well, really all four of us ran something or other in high school), which means the other three of us will be right there with her, up to our elbows in memorabilia of high school past. 

(Yes, Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Bates are twins, in case you were wondering, but after many years of friendship, I don't think they look anything like.)

On another note, I successfully made Red Velvet Cupcakes last night.... from scratch.  And Vanilla Cream Cheese icing... from scratch.  Yep, no box of cake mix in sight.  Mrs. Pillsbury and Mr. Duncan Hines were not invited to the cooking soiree. 

I will be posting the recipe sometime this weekend, I promise. 

They will literally melt in your mouth, and I swear I saw stars when trying them.  I would advise sitting down while eating them, because they made me weak in the knees...

Okay, I may have gotten a little over zealous when baking them, but cooking is a great de-stresser.  I was whipping out cupcakes left and right. 

But when have I ever overdone anything?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

I cannot confirm or deny that I ate four of these heavenly wonders last night.

And then stuffed my face with another couple of them for breakfast. 

What's that you say?  Elastic waistband pants are a good idea when baking? 

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  1. is silver and the other gold!
    I know that song! :-)