Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Lovin' So Far...

We've been having some pretty wonderful Summer weekends around here...

We've hit up the Zoo and rode the Carousel for the first time.


And we showed NO FEAR AT ALL in their new Dino Rocks exhibit.
Still apparently on the outs with the old laptop, as it refused to load most of my pics without doing them sideways....

And had a ball on the Farm for Memorial Day weekend!

Also showing NO FEAR in the swimming pool (even though it was a little cold).

But generally preferred splashing on the stairs.
That is not H's Coke.  I swear.

And loved trying DeeDee's homemade ice cream for the first time!

And some interpretative dancing with Uncle Mitchell.
Music in the background:  Sharky and Bones, a la Jake & the Neverland Pirates...

And basically just chilled out with our Summer Style...

Thanks to Aunt Melanie for the Memorial Day pictures!

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