Sunday, July 1, 2012

All Roads Lead to Alabama?

I'm beginning to think all roads lead to Alabama.

For the past couple of weeks, I keep looking around and noticing how many fabulously creative people are making it in the big time that are from here.

Do you know my sorority sister, Lauren?
She is a fashion designer - like, a for real one.  With the cutest clothes I've ever seen, in magazines, on celebrities... the works.
We use to live together in the sorority house, and she would design her own clothes there, and we just knew... this girl was going to make it.
Plus, I'm pretty sure she's the sweetest gal ever.
Check out her Leona Collection.

This guy here, Mr. Matt Bees, was recently featured on HGTV.
He's an interior designer
Might I brag that we were SGA nerds together?

Then, I'm watching TV and who do I see?
This gal... Miss Morgan Smith Goodwin

Whom I went to high school with.
Doing her sassy "Now that's better" line in the new Wendy's commercials.
Now all of you will watch these commercials and say to yourself, "Hey!  That's a friend of Mrs. Smith's!"
Now go show your support and go to Wendy's.

Know who else is from my hometown?

His name is Channing.
Unless you've been hiding under a rock... one of his movies opened this weekend.
I hear it's called Magic Mike?
And I pitched my "We need to go support Channing in this movie to Mr. Smith this weekend."
Regardless that I've never met him.
But still... we should support his cinema efforts and talents!
And failed miserably.
So, we compromised and rented 21 Jump Street instead.

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