Tuesday, July 24, 2012

15 Months

Dear Harrison,

You are 15 months old and very quickly becoming more "toddler" than "baby." 
 (Insert sob here.)

You are such an independent little man, and love doing things all by yourself.

You aren't just walking, you're running.  Especially after your ear tube surgery on Friday.

You are chattering away as well.

You are about 22 pounds, and are in Size 4 diapers and Size 12-18 Month clothing.

Favorite hobbies at the moment:

Reading a good book.  
Your favs include "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," "Curious George Goes to the Zoo," and anything with animals.

You also enjoy being in the buff.

These hobbies seem to work well together.

You LOVE hide-and-seek, especially when Mommy is crawling around on the floor with you.

Until your BFF, Mickey Mouse, appears.
Or Little Einsteins.  

And then you are fixated on them and them alone.  

You are still a picky eater!  It's a challenge every day to get you filled up, and Mommy ends up offering 4-5 different things because some days you like certain things, and the next day you hate it.

You are also fascinated (still) with ceiling fans and light switches.  You love flipping the light switches on and off, and have also discovered the beauty of taking things and putting them in the bath tub.  Even if they have no business in there.  

Things are definitely interesting each and every day with you - it's always something new!

And we're loving it.  

Onward to toddler-hood! 

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