Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I'm sure you're wondering why I haven't written about Harrison's first day of daycare. 

Confession time:  he didn't start. 

Diary, I couldn't do it.  I had the best intentions; honestly, I did. 

But on the Thursday prior to the big day, Dee Dee, H, and I went over to pick up the necessary paperwork and introduce him to the teachers.  The sweet lady scooped him up and was walking him around the room when...

.... I had a panic attack. 

I saw spots.  Hyperventilated.  Splotched.  Sobbed. 

And it was an ugly cry, Diary.  UGLY.  Lots of snot involved. 

And if you know me, Diary - you know I don't get upset like that.  Especially in public.  With people watching.

Diary, I turned in my 2 weeks notice at work later that afternoon.  It was both the hardest and easiest decision I've ever made. 

Alas, Diary, don't give up on me.  I won't be sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and watching soap operas, I promise. 

Things work out for the better, Diary.  Later that day a company offered me a position that will let me work from home, so I jumped on it like my former-pregnant-self-on-a-cupcake-with-chocolate-icing. 

Did I mention that it's a local parenting magazine?  Doesn't God have a delightful sense of humor? 

Thanks for listening, Diary.  You're the best. 

Your favorite neurotic new mommy


  1. How exciting! You're going to love being home with him!

  2. Christina,
    I've been stalking, correction, following your blog for a while now. I love it!! It is such an accurate depiction of new motherhood. Not to mention, it cracks me up. As a new mom...about to have her second baby...I can absolutely relate. I'm sorry you had your daycare meltdown, but being home with H will be wonderful. I'm a freak about leaving Taylor. In fact, she has only ever been left with my parents or Robbie's parents. Congratulations on your new at home job, too! God surely is great. Glad he's always got a plan when we seem to be flying by the seat of our pants :)