Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Wonderland Pictures!

Our little home in the snow.

Backyard and Deck, Pre-Cooper

Our neighborhood.

Cooper cautiously sniffing out this strange white stuff covering his backyard.

Afraid to get off the deck into the snow. 

He attacks!  So ferocious!

Conquering the snowy backyard.

Playing with dad in the snow.

Everything's better when my dad's got me.

So exhausted after a day of fun playing in the snow.

Abby the Cat was a little jealous of Cooper's photo shoot.  So I turned the camera on her.  Here she is posing with my sweet red carnations that Mr. Smith gave me for Valentine's Day.  (The American Cancer Sociey was selling them for donations... gotta love Mr. Smith!)  Here, the Princess Abby almost looks sweet.  However...

... here's the gorgeous face that greets us every day.  Look at that attitude. 
Work it girl!  You are so vogue, Abby!

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