Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Chat Turning 27

I have just wrapped up a wonderful weekend celebrating my birthday with my fabulous husband, family and friends!  And I can pretty much admit it was a winner - right up there at the top of all my birthdays!  The 4th was the actually date of birth, so Mr. Smith and I (along with Cooper the Pooper) journeyed up to Cullman for a birthday dinner with my family.  Mom had fixed my absolute favorite! And made me a super sweet birthday cake as well. 

(I got busted by Mr. Smith showing Cooper how awesome and roomy his kennel really is when we got home.  And yes, I have double-jointed elbows!)

Friday night a group of friends went to celebrate with Mexican food and what a blast!  The ten of us enjoyed delicious food, frosty beverages, and even some music by the restaurant's talent.  The musicians are also a big fan of celebrating 27th birthdays as well, and promptly placed a sombrero on my head while they sang "Happy Birthday" in Spanish.  We ended the night with some karaoke... pure bliss!

A little embarrassed about the hat.  It was quite enormous.

Our friendly musicians!

When in doubt, pick up a pair of maracas and join in the fun!

Sharing the birthday with good friends!

Partners in Crime

Had to post because it was too cute!

Getting the crowd ready for Matt's version of "Gin and Juice."  Hysterical.

We ventured down to Tuscaloosa on Saturday for our friends' Engagement Party, where I got to try out my new camera!  Ah yes!  Mr. Smith proved to be such a thoughtful husband and I got a NEW CAMERA!!!  I'm so excited!  It's a Canon Rebel XSi.  I'm still new with it, but I managed to capture this wonderful shot Saturday night of my friend Mary Kathryn.  We've been besties since kindergarten, and this pic pretty much sums up her in a nutshell.

Isn't she cute? 

Sunday was filled with good church, good food and good companionship with Mr. Smith's family.  Mother-in-Law fixed a lunch of my favorites and we had cake again!  So... other than the fact that I gained about a million pounds.... what a wonderful way to turn 27!  Thank you friends and family for a wonderful celebration!

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