Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Return to Reality

After a joyous four days of holiday cheer, Mr. and Mrs. Smith have returned home to the realities of newlywed life.  Our Christmas was filled with the usual traditions, and we loved seeing all our family and friends.  We were overwhelmed with the generosity of our parents (yet again), and took great joy in what Santa brought us on Christmas. 

I can't really believe that our "first" Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Smith is already over, but I'm excited at the thought of a New Year!  Yea for 2010! 

In other news... Rufus is back!  Although Mr. Smith put chicken wire over the attic openings of our house, Rufus has manged to sneak in again.  I heard him last night having a par-tay, and he is one loud fellow.  I was NOT amused at his antics.  So... out comes the squirrel trap. 

Please do not be alarmed.  
Mr. Smith is confident he knows what he is doing! 
Plus, these are "friendly" squirrel traps. 

See? It has a heart on the box, so it must be friendly.
(Once again, apologies to PETA.)

Mr. Smith had first thought about putting our child cat in the attic to punish make friends with Rufus.  I think not.  Abby is our "special" kitty; for anyone who has met her, you know what we are talking about.  Nevertheless, Mrs. Smith ran some drills with her while wrapping some gifts.

Stealth like a jungle cat, right? 

The trap goes up tonight.  We'll keep you posted on the results, and Rufus may even make his debut on the world wide web! 

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