Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here we go!

So... basically I've been meaning to start a blog on The Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Smith for quite some time now. With the New Year just around the corner, what better way to jump start 2010 then starting a little account of our lives, right? I'm sure all 5 of the followers will love our updates of our newlywed life.

Today is December 23rd and I'm bracing myself for a whirlwind of a Christmas weekend. I'm sure I am getting "Amen's" out there from all 5 readers. We will be doing our "regular" holiday routine of dinner at Grandma Nancy's on Christmas Eve followed by the Circle of Opening Presents routine. My first year with this family I was unaware of the "Circle" and proceeded to tear open my presents with glee. Not so fast. We go around one at a time. Our friend, Roz, is here from Chicago and we always read the "Hanukkah" (sp?) story as well, which is always a treat, especially watching some people try to sound out the words in the story which are harder to pronounce. This is usually me with my strong Southern accent. Whatever.

After opening presents, we head over to the Candle Light service at First Presbyterian Church, which always is serves as a beautiful reminder of what this season is really all about - Jesus!

Christmas morning is introduced with Santa Claus at the Smith's, where once again the "Circle" is used for gift opening. Martin and I then journey to big C-town (That's Cullman, for anyone who doesn't know) for Christmas with my parents. Deena always prepares a yummy meal, we open presents, and then usually head to the theater for a Christmas movie. This theater is a really big deal in Cullman, because it is still considered "new." I grew up with a Carmike 3, and usually movies were out on VHS (yep - that's right - VHS) before showing up at our little theater. Christmas Day at the Cullman Theater is packed out, but always fun and a treat for all. We will then return home, to watch the traditional "Home Alone" movie and hit the hay.

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