Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Squirrely Visitor

For a couple of nights now, we have been visited by a new friend rustling above our heads around 4am every morning.  This squirrel (I refuse to entertain the idea that it is a rat), is apparently using our little attic space to make a winter home for himself and likes to wake us up in the process.  This morning was the straw that broke the camel's (squirrel's?) back, and the Smiths' patience has run out.  (I also apparently shot up in bed and named the squirrel 'Rufus' in my sleep... who knew I was so creative?)  Regardless of his newly baptised name,  Rufus must exit immediately. 

Martin is currently at Home Depot and has called approximately 3 times to discuss the best "squirrel" catching techniques.  We have been given tons of advice, ranging from Martin's bb gun (sorry PETA) to duct tape (hello Bama).  Our first shot (no pun intended with the bb gun) to evict Rufus will be some sort of "squirrel trap" that Martin will place in our attic, with some peanut butter.  A small, $30 investment to a peaceful night's sleep, right?  Martin will also attempt to fix the opening that Rufus is using as his front door. 

Any suggestions for the Eviction of Rufus?  Pictures to come of Martin and his awesome squirrel catching skills later.  Fingers crossed in this adventure.

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  1. LOVE the blog! Let us know how the squirrel catching saga unfolds...