Friday, April 25, 2014

Welcome Parker!

This past Tuesday started off like any other day - 
I was trying my hardest to get over a stubborn sinus/allergy issue, so I was running a bit slower than usual.  
Not to mention that H slept horribly the night before, and Mr. Smith and I were both running late Tuesday morning as a result.  
I mean - you can only do so much at 35 weeks pregnant, people.  

Tuesday was a normal day of meetings and trying to get things wrapped up for team mates at work - "just a week and a half more!" I kept saying to everyone - "let me go ahead and get it done now!"

I left work at 5 and battled the traffic to pick up H at school, then got home around 6pm like usual.  I was starving, so I went ahead and nibbled on a few bites of leftover Tex Mex Chicken Casserole as I turned to fixing the boys some dinner.  And as Martin and H came back in from outside and stood there watching me have a horrendous coughing fit - my water broke.

Like, broke all over the place. Right there in the kitchen, in my work clothes and filling up my shoes.
To which H looked at me and said "Mommy, did you wet your pants?"
And Mr. Smith said - "Seriously, did you just wet your pants?"
"No way this is just tee tee, guys.  It's everywhere. Call my parents.  Whatever it is, let's go get it checked out."

As Mr. Smith called my parents to haul it down to B'ham, I threw a beach towel over the mess and ran upstairs.  Thankfully, I had already packed my hospital suitcase and the baby's, but just needed a few last minute items thrown in.  Mr. Smith worked on entertaining H while packing him a few things in a bag too. 

And, in no time, there were my parents, looking just as wide-eyed as we were.

"I'm 35 weeks," I said, as Mr. Smith and I said our good-byes and kissed H. "They're probably going to laugh at me at the hospital and say you've wet your pants then send me home.  See you in a little bit."

When, in fact, what happened was the hospital telling me I had not only broken my water, but that I was 3.5 cm dilated and in active labor.  

And - even better - since I had eaten those couple of bites of casserole, they couldn't schedule my C-section for at least 7 hours afterwards, putting us anywhere between 1am-2am in the OR.

Mr. Smith and I still decided to be positive - we're good, we said!  We'll just hang out here and watch TV until then.  It's not like I'm having actual contractions or in any pain!

Famous last words.

Both Mr. Smith and MiMi (who had raced up from Tuscaloosa) got to see a very much laboring, contracting, sweaty, and doubled over-in-the-bed-and-trying-not-to-push Mrs. Smith about an hour later.  Which lasted for the next 5 hours.  

Around 12:30am, things got real, as I was wheeled back to the OR for the spinal, and then all was well with the world again.  

Especially at 1:23 am, when Parker Timothy Smith made his debut into our world!  
Weighing 5 lbs and 5.4 oz, with 19.5 inches in length and a head full of dark hair, out he came, crying and just as energetic as he was for the past 9 months.  

Isn't he precious?  

More pics to come, but while this little Pork Chop was napping, I wanted to share!  

We are so in love with this newest miracle added to our little family!  

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