Friday, April 25, 2014

Harrison Turns Three!

We celebrated one little guy turning the Big Three last weekend at The Birmingham Zoo - one of H's most favorite places, with about 50 of our nearest and dearest family and friends.  

It was a gorgeous Spring day, and we had a blast!  
If you are 9 months pregnant and looking for someone to handle everything about your toddler's birthday party - the Zoo is your answer.  Our party package handled everything from the cake to decor, from Carousel rides to Train rides for the entire party.  

Here's a few shots of the celebration.

Pancake Turtle Petting

The Princess waving to her subjects.

Learning what a ferret is - my facial expression says it all.
Let's introduce the ferret as saying it was the main carrier of the Plague and then walk it around for the children to pet it.  

Waving to his party parade.

Private Giraffe Feeding Encounter - worth every penny.
Biggest hit of the party with the kiddos!

Gorilla Posing before front seat Zoo Train Riding! 

And then... y'all - look at this face.
Pure joy on the Zoo Carousel.

Reading one of his new books with Pop as the party winded down.

And then T and Daddy.

And let's make sure DeeDee reads the new book too!

Happy Third Birthday Harrison!
We love you so much, and what a three years it has been with you!

You are an endless source of energy, laughter, patience, and learning, and I am so thankful that God chose us to be your parents!

Harrison's super cute t-shirt (a tradition now!) is by the talented Annie Poole at AP Creations.  Check out her website!

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