Saturday, March 1, 2014

Funny is a Must Read Right Now

With a bit of a crazy life  of working, toddler-world, and getting-ready-for #2 - I somehow managed to read another book.

God Bless the person who invented the Kindle.

I'm still making my way through The Happiness Project, but needed a time-out for some laughter.

And by laughter, I mean - serious laughter.
Like - maybe wet your pants if you're 7 months pregnant kind of laughter.
I cannot confirm or deny this happened.
More than once.

I digress from my first world problems.

Mindy Kaling is hilarious.

Special thanks to Sis-in-Law Melanie for saying how good this book was.

If you need a light-hearted, laugh-inducing read - this is it.  

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