Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celebrating Kirk with a Hole in One Birthday Party!

We recently par-tayed with this lively crew for the big occasion of Kirk turning one!
Honestly, one-year-old?
Where does the time go?

Mrs. Carroll did a super cute "Hole in One" themed party - check out her creativity with the food!

H graciously lent "Baby Turk" his jump house for the par-tay.
Even Mr. Smith - Baby Whisperer - got in on the fun.

As well as the grandparents. 

Mrs. Carroll's cupcakes were a huge hit - 
have I mentioned my Little Guy loves anything cake-related?

Big Man Kirk got lots of cute presents for his par-tay...

And then it was time for the Big Smash Cake and Birthday Song.

Treading cautiously - what is this new thing you want me to eat?

Sometimes it helps when Mommy puts the icing on your mouth for you.

New love of cake?  Maybe not so much this first time around.
Mommy jumps in for the rescue.

And... proof that I was actually there!  Just hiding behind the camera until I remembered to get one snapped at the end with H.

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