Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Crock Pot Obsession - A New Recipe!

I'm starting to think I have an obsession with my crock pot.  

But, as I sit here with Winnie the Pooh's "Springtime with Roo" playing in the background, I wanted to share a new recipe that was so good, so ah-mazing, so rock-your-socks-off edible...
.... that even Mr. Smith deemed it "company food."

White Wine Chicken with Tarragon

I took a recipe I found online and modified it a little bit
Mickey Mouse cup not included - and sorry for the sideways picture.

Put the following in your beloved crock pot on Low for 6 hours:
1.  2 Chicken Breasts 
2.  Sliced and Washed Mushrooms
3.  Carrots

Mix the following and then add in crock pot on top of above:
4.  1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
5.  2 Teaspoons Dried Thyme
6.  Dash of Garlic Salt
7.  1/5 cup All Purpose Flour
8.  1-2 cups of cooking white wine (I added more for more gravy)
9.  1 cup chicken broth
10.  3 tablespoons Soy Sauce
11.  2 Bay Leaves
12.  1/4 cup Fresh Tarragon

I served over some Pasta.

Rocked our world.  


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