Saturday, May 18, 2013

Annual Review

I've been back at work now for a little over a year, and I thought an Annual Review would be a good check point.

Since it is late, let's lead with the opening line of....  

I'm tired/busy/runningafteratoddler/lastthingIwanttodoissitinfrontofacomputer.

Make sense?

I truly hit the jackpot with my co-worker group.

Sure, we're a little disfunctional.  A little crazy. 

A motley crew, if you will.

But with that comes a close knit group of family lovin', fun lovin', albeit looney tunes lovin' people that I'm lucky to hang with every day.

I recently read this book...

And am such an advocate of Mrs. Sandberg's voice of reason that she so articulately speaks of throughout her masterpiece.

If you're a woman... especially a working woman... pick this up and give it a whirl.

To keep things also interesting, I joined my corporate building's gym.
Hold your applause and feel free to giggle at the thought.

But for a month now I've been going at least three times a  week during my lunch hour to sweat it out (they come with showers, so my hygiene is still intact when I return to the desk).

This has been a fabulous investment, as I feel more refreshed and healthier.
Not to mention I'm usually reading my Kindle on the treadmill/elliptical, so I also get some mental boost time.
This may or may not be the reason I FELL OFF THE ELLIPTICAL on the first day.


So, in quick recap - awesome coworkers, Sheryl's manifesto, and gym.
What every mommy needs when working, right?

Let's not forget Mr. Smith.
Who really helps - probably more than I actually give him credit for - around the house.
He has learned that it's okay to fold clothes while watching "Duck Dynasty" and that it's okay to put our dishes away in the dishwasher while SportCenter is on.
A modern day marvel!

We're making it work, guys.  
We make look like zombies.... but we're making it work.

And I know you are too - what are your tips for working motherhood?

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  1. Fell off the elliptical... My oh my, thats my big sis everybody!