Saturday, March 2, 2013

S'Up my Peeps

 S'Up Peeps!  

We're alive in the ol' Smith Home, just crazy busy.  

Here's some highlights of what's been going on...

Baby Kirk Carroll was born!

He is absolutely precious and looks just like a baby doll.

Sideways Picture - ignore it.  
Just go with the story of best friends meeting for the first time...

We've been celebrating birthdays, both with the Littlejohn's and the Baker's.

We had a blast at the Littlejohn Birthday Party at the Oak Mountain Petting Zoo and met lots of friends.
Which I'm sure you can tell in this sideways picture.

Here's a quick picture of three frenzied mommies (I'm not sure where our children are in this picture, although I spy Baby Will in the background...) at Mary Miller's first birthday party.

And... H has discovered Yogurt Mountain.

We're a bit obsessed.

And if it weren't lightly snowing outside right now... we'd probably be there.

In other news...
H has made the transition to a TODDLER BED.  
Yes, that's right.  
He's all grown up.
(Insert sobbing here.)

Ignore this sideways picture... again.
I'm not sure why my laptop is working against me right now, but just go with it.  

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