Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Celebrating the Big 30 with Project Kindness

Celebrating the big 3-0 over the weekend was a blast:
Mr. Smith whisked me away to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on Saturday night, courtesy of some T and Mimi baby-sitting.
And my parents joined us for lunch on Sunday.
Sweet birthday cards from loved ones.
Witty facebook messages and good tidings.
A great day with co-workers.

And The Project.

Project Kindness.

That's right - I did my own little celebrating with an idea I saw online a few months ago, and thought "Man, I want to do that!"

So, from Saturday until close of day yesterday, I did Project Kindness - acts of kindness to affect 30 people, to ring in The Big 30.

Here's how it went down and who was caught in the Kindness:

1 - The Children's Place associate, whom I told was a huge help and that I liked her jewelry.  She looked stressed, and I thought a compliment would help.  

1 = Gift Card given to the lady who works at the Parking Deck information booth at the end of the day.

1 = Rushed Man that I held the elevator doors for, even though everyone else in the elevator groaned.  Loudly.

1 = Sales Associate at Old Navy who looked surprised when I told her I would hang up my own clothes I had tried on, instead of dumping them in her pile.

2 = People whom I let have my closer-to-the-door parking spots at The Summit.

3 = Parking Meters that I placed loose change into that I noticed had run out of time in Downtown Birmingham.

4 = Co-workers whom I surprised with a box of delicious glazed donuts at Monday Staff Meeting.

5 = Fellow Rush Hour Drivers affected as I let them over in front of me in my lane.  

12 = Homeless people whom I gave warm donuts and hot sandwiches to at Linn Park on the way to lunch.   The co-workers also were dragged happy to participate in this part.

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