Monday, November 5, 2012

Disney on Ice

This past Saturday H and I got a special treat, courtesy of Uncle Mitchell and Aunt Melanie...
Disney on Ice!!!

Group Picture; however, Disney had exploded in the BJCC, and H couldn't stop pointing at "Mow Mow" who was literally everywhere.

Little skeptical at first... not knowing what's about to happen.

Hey you!  Are you paying attention back there?
I hear Mow Mow's coming out here soon.

Why's everyone clapping?  I think I see some movement...  I'll stand for a better view...

And here is where I almost wet my pants at my child from laughing so hard.
Jumping, wiggling, squawking like a little chicken, screaming for Mow Mow.  
I almost couldn't hold on to him.
My mom would say I acted the same at a New Kids on the Block concert in 1992.  

Special thanks to Aunt Melanie for scoring us AH-mazing seats.

Where Mow Mow pretty much skated right up to us.  

Lion King!  My favorite.  
I may or may not have sung all the songs, much to the chagrin of our fellow parents around us.
Ah, when in Rome...

Bye Bye Mow Mow!
Thanks for the excitement!

H made it a good hour and a half, before his little self gave up.  
We hoisted him outta there pretty quickly and came back home for some delicious chili, if I do say so myself.
And oh yeah... watched the Crimson Tide play the most nerve-wracking game of all time.

Thank you Aunt Melanie and Uncle Mitchell for a wonderful experience!!!

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