Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Bawler

Baby H is not just known as Snaggletooth, but also a Bawler. 

More acentuated movements and physical toughness has led to some "OUCH!" moments with Mommy.

Head butts, pinches, and stomps are becoming the regular around here... all out of love I know.  

Because he just can't get enough of Mommy.

Which leads to some bruises and red marks on Mommy... I hear it's the latest trend for Spring. I honestly thought he broke my nose the other night.  I heard a crunch and it's been tender since. 

Say what?

Oh, H.  You're such a Bawler.

P.S. - Please keep our state in your thoughts and prayers as severe storms ripped through last night.  As of right now, over 100 injured and 2 dead.  Some of these are the same neighborhoods hit last April - not even a year ago.  And it's only January.  Here's hoping it's not another rough Spring in Alabama.  We are still rebuilding!

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