Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

Okay, this post was originally titled something generic like "Fall TV Round-Up" but I'm changing it to "Guilty Pleasure" because after listing these shows, I realize I'm not watching the most educational of shows.  I am shamelessly telling y'all right now that Mr. Smith and I love to zone out in front of the TV.  And as mentioned before, we were MUCHO excited about the new Fall TV line-up. 

Here's what we're watching:

I used to be a big fan of Dancing with the Stars, but I just can't get into this season.  I think maybe it's because I feel like they're more concerned with the "most controversial season ever" than just some good ole fashion dancing.  We are watching Two & a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, and How I Met Your Mother (we were late getting on the How I Met Your Mother train, but we're here and we're sticking with it).

I watched "Hart of Dixie" because I feel obligated to watch southern shows to verify their accurate portrayal of the South... and this show was right. on. the. money.  And it's cute.  I'll stick with it. 

Mr. Smith watches football sometimes, but then we join up for Castle. 

Okay, most of these shows are all mine, not Mr. Smith's.  He's usually still on the computer working or some manly show on like the NGC channel, while I'm vegging out to Glee (almost gave up on it last season), Ringer (new show), and The Rachel Zoe Project.  If you watch The Rachel Zoe Project, here are some pointers that I think you need to survive: 
1.  You must love fashion above anything else
2.  In this love of fashion, you must use jargon such as "I die."  "This is bananas."  "This is major."  "This dress is sick."  You know - putting the full emphasis on how much fashion is the most critical thing EVER.  Not that the 2 Americans were released from Iran.  Not the economy.  Not the starving children worldwide. 
3.  This fashion means anything black, fur, multi-colored fur, animal print, sequins, or anything vintage. 
4.  You have to agree with Rachel on everything.  Notice how all those assitants wait until she voices her opinion, and then they chime in saying the same phrase just as emphastically.
5.  To work for her, you either have to be a fabulous gay man or depressed woman who wears way too much smokey eye make-up.  I like a smokey eye as much as the next person, but not at 10 a.m. 
5.  Don't eat.  Anything.  At all.  Ever again. 
6.  You have to complain about how busy you are.  Especially as you sit there complaining about how busy you are.  Note:  If you have the time to sit there and complain about how busy you are, you're not that busy.
7.  Toss all that aside and roll around in the ridiculousness of it.

Highlight of my week. 
Up All Night.
Modern Family.
Happy Endings.
Revenge. - Yes we jumped on the Revenge train last week.  Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you maybe didn't notice the 9,358 commercials that abc plugged ALL SUMMER LONG.  Yes, Mr. Smith and I made fun of them.  Yes, we're now aboard the Revenge train.

My guilty pleasure night.
The Vampire Diaries
The Secret Circle
Yes, they are teeny bopper shows, but I can't stop watching them. 
And I just can't do Grey's Anatomy anymore.  I've officially given up on it as of last season. 
Good bye Grey's.  Catch you on the flip side with the re-runs on Lifetime. 

Movie Night!
Or, we're probably in Tuscaloosa for Game Weekend.

Pan Am
30 Rock (late comer to this show, and I have no idea why, given my LOVE of Tina Fey)
Big Bang Theory (I love some nerdy guys!)
Wheel of Fortune (Mr. Smith and I play while eating dinner.)

We're geriatric. 
I'm aware.
And don't think I don't have to DVR the shows and they rewind them when H starts crying. 
I'm dedicated.

H rolled over today.  Back to stomach and then from his stomach to back.
I tried to videotape it, but I sound like such a redneck on it that I will not be showing it on here anytime soon.

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