Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby's First Beach Trip...

... may be a bust.  On paper, at least.

We headed to Sandestin Friday morning and stayed until Monday morning.  Whilst there, H got to experience the following instead of leisurely soaking up the rays beachside:
1.  Tropical Storm
2.  Two nights in a row of fire alarms at the resort at approximately 3:45 am and 4:45 am, respectively
3.  Our own personal form of torture as our smoke alarm in our room beeped for the following 14 HOURS afterwards. 
4.  The air conditioner going out mid-weekend.
5.  Stopping at the McDonald's in Andalusia on the way home Monday, only to have their Power completely out.  Had to use the restroom with my cell phone's light. 

But, you make do with what ya got, so H got to experience these highlights:

Falling asleep at Acme Oyster House in Daddy's lap Friday night. 
I had the Gumbo Poopa.  Yep, that's its real name.
One guess what H did after having that via Mommy later on.  Guess we know where it gets its name now.

Laughing and relaxing ALL DAY as we were completely lazy.

Playing dress up with Mommy in beachwear.
Look at those rolls!  I could eat him alive.

If we can't go to the beach, we'll bring the beach to us.
H and I dressed in our bathing suits and played in the bath tub. 
He's the next Michael Phelps, I swear it.

Nice break from the rain - we strolled through Baytown Wharf. 
Notice it's completely dead - no one was there. 
Kinda nice, though.

H's first Alabama game!
Cheering on the Tide to victory on the way to a 14th National Championship!

Taking in the sights with Daddy on the Pier. 
I love this pic.

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