Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Parker - One Month

I said it before with Harrison, but it snuck up on me again...
Where does the time go?

Parker is one month old!
This little nugget has stolen our hearts with his sweet nature.

He is incredibly laid back - even sleeping through his big brother's wild toddler ways.

Favorite activities include eating Mommy Milk and snuggling.
And our freezer is already full of Mommy Milk... cue the memories of a Dairy Cow.

Weight: Up over 7 pounds as of last week's pediatrician visit - quite  the gain from birth weight!  We are officially in Newborn clothes and out of our Preemie items.

Our arch nemesis right now are the hiccups, which you get 3-4 times per day.

We love you, "Parka Man," as your big brother calls you!

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