Sunday, July 14, 2013

1 Knight, 2 Days

This past week at work, I had the opportunity to drive up to Knoxville to help coordinate a luncheon.

Specifically, host our incoming speaker, who was flying in from Washington, DC.

Sometimes, this position gives the opportunity to meet some really, really awesome people.

Like my new friend, Mr. Knight Kiplinger.

If you're a complete financial nerd like me, this just got you really excited.
If not a self-confessed nerd, then Google him and then come back to this post.

Mr. Kiplinger was amazing - down to earth, personable, witty, and conversational.  
We had a great two days together, driving around in the rental car, showing him the sights of Knoxville, and then it was back off to DC he went.

And maybe I tried to convince him that the University of Alabama was far superior than the University of Tennessee every chance I got a couple of times.

What a cool guy.

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  1. As a reader of "his" magazine, I would be thrilled to meet him! Fun!