Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adventures in B-Feeding

Having jinxed myself in saying that we had not yet seen any teeth from H in my post a few days ago, lo and behold, 2 bottom teeth have arrived... literally overnight.

My normally happy-go-lucky precious babe has been quite cranky and wants Mommy - 24/7 - this week. 

How did we find these teeth?  With a rather painful encounter.  I shall not go into details, but let's just say I haven't yelped that loudly in a good long while... say almost 6 months ago? 

It's a perfect time to remember the commitment to b-feeding, as I now grimace at the sight of H's cute little vampire mouth. 

So, Mr. Smith and I made the decision to b-feed H long before his arrival.  Having mommies ourselves who went down this path, we had long heard of it's magical powers. 

Why is it so rad?
It's convenient.  It's literally right there, ready to go, 24/7.  I think the definition is "on demand" and reads something like "the ability to feed your child whenever or wherever he may desire it."  This is what it really means "the ability to feed your child everywhere awkwardly imaginable: the parking lot of Publix, the parking lot of CVS, the handicap stall at the BJCC, the regular stall at Jim 'n Nicks...  really no place is too awkard for your precious babe to get his tummy full."

Also, let's discuss the "let down" process.  I think the definition for this is something along the lines of "when your baby needs your ladies, your milk will release..something about the psychological and physical aspects..."  This is what that really means: you "let down" or "the ladies gear up for action" when the following happens:

1.  Your baby cries
2.  Your baby smiles at you
3.  You are with a friend and start talking about your baby
4.  You see a baby on TV crying or smiling
5.  You are at Publix and hear a baby 3 aisles over crying
6.  You listen to the radio and get all sappy thinking of your precious babe
7.  You see a Fisher Price or Johnson & Johnson commercial on the TV
8.  You are in the shower and start thinking about everything you need to do the next day for the precious babe.
9.  You are brushing your teeth and start thinking about everything you need to do the next day for the precious babe.
10.  You are typing away on your blog and your baby starts cooing at you on his mat besides you....

On that note, I'll wrap things up here.
P.S.  Let's not forget it's free.  Hooray to The Big Guy in the Sky for giving us this precious yet economical gift!
Our goal is to b-feed H his first full year. By either straight from the source or pumping/bottles.  With the pains I've endured the past couple of days, that pump is looking better and better.
Side note:  Isn't it funny to use the terms "we" in this department?  Because that last time I checked, Mommy Smith was the slave to the H-Man when he's hungry.  Ah well, marriage and parenting is all about teamwork, right? 

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