Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Field Trips

We've flown the coop, folks.  No more house arrest for this Mommy and her Little Man.  Once we got the all clear, we started lining up the lunch dates!

Our first field trip was last Monday.... to CVS.  Not exactly fun nor fabulous, but they were having an amazing Huggie's Wipes sale, ok?  The frugality in me won out, especially since I had ExtraBucks, a Gift Card, and coupons.  Where's the TLC film crew?

However, my ambition was grinded to a halt upon arriving at CVS and I could not figure out how to get Mr. Harrison's baby seat out of the car seat base.  "I'm a smart person.  I have a Master's degree.  I can do this."  The mantra did not work.... after almost 20 minutes (admittingly)... and I had to call Mr. Smith, who thought the whole thing was hilarious.  There may or may not have been a couple of tears (I blame the post-pregnancy hormones.) 

Now, we are victorious and Tour de Baby was in full swing the rest of the week.  Lunch with Aunt MK, our second pediatrician's visit, and lunch with co-workers rounded out our week.  Today we've been to the photographer's to design our birth announcement and review his photos - OMG, will share later! - and then to lunch with Aunt Anna. 

Baby Harrison is a traveling champ!  Easily falls asleep in car seat and can be soothed by a lovely bottle if fussiness commences.  Next stop:  lunch with Daddy!

Watch out!  We may be coming to a town near you! 

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